Early Homecoming

When a mission doesn’t last as long as expected, it can be difficult to adjust to the change in plans. But every mission matters to our Heavenly Father. Based on personal experiences and scholarly research, this book helps loved ones, leaders, and returning missionaries navigate through the mixed emotions of an early release for any reason and press forward with faith.

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Returning Home Early

Early Homecoming is an invaluable resource to Latter-day Saint missionaries who return home early for any reason and at whatever stage they are at in the healing process, their Church leaders, and family members. In her faith-inspiring and compassionate style, Kristen Reber walks readers through the myriad of questions surrounding an early return, including “Why did this happen?”, “Should I stay home or go back out?”, and “How do I help my child?”. With chapters dedicated to each reason for an early return, Church leaders, and parents, Early Homecoming will uplift and strengthen those who return home early and those who seek to help them.


Early Homecoming provides outstanding awareness to those seeking to understand what is like to return home early from a Latter-day Saint mission. Early returned missionaries will gain greater self-awareness to help combat the negative emotions that come with an early return. Parents will gain additional understanding for their struggles and confusion. Church leaders will learn how to guide someone through the early homecoming process and how to ensure someone is truly ready to return to the field (or go on a mission, period.) In her faith-inspiring and compassionate style, Kristen Reber helps all involved grapple with the nuances of an early return and to find peace with the trial.


  • This book helps everyone involved deal with the challenges and opportunities for growth that come from plans that don’t turn out as planned. Read this book, trust Kristen, and apply these ideas to strengthen your relationships.

    Barry Rellaford coauthor of A Slice of Trust and Founder of “The Strength of 10
  • This book validates the phenomenon of returning early from a mission as a legitimate issue that needs and deserves attention. It is exactly the book I would want to read if I were an early-returning missionary. Written with compassion and understanding, it provides beautiful counsel whether you are boarding an airplane to take that long flight home or you have been home for years.

    Dr. Kristine Doty-Yells PhD, LCSW
  • The heart of "Early Homecoming" is poignant testimony of the love and concern of our Heavenly Father and his son for each person and the place of trials, faith and repentance in their plan. These overarching themes make this book universally applicable and uplifting regardless of the reader's mission experiences or lack thereof. While not everyone serves a mission, every person experiences unexpected trials and disappointments. Everyone has wronged and been wronged, and all must learn how to repent, forgive and move forward.

    Deseret News

About Kristen

Kristen Reber is the podcast host of Early Homecoming: Insights from Missionaries Who Returned Early and the author of Early Homecoming: A Resource for Early-Returned Missionaries, Their Church Leaders, and Family. She graduated from Brigham Young University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Editing, and another minor in Psychology. Kristen worked as the operations manager of Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association (LDSPMA) for several years before becoming their associate director of education. She is also a devoted Latter-day Saint, wife, mother, and friend. You can often find Kristen reading, writing, playing her harp, or traveling with her family.

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