A Film Review: Returning with Honor

Originally published December 13, 2013 on earlyhomecoming.com. “As missionaries we’re always told to return with honor. Since I came home early, I don’t know if I can.” This was said by Samuel Adams in a 60-minute film he wrote, directed, and produced independently in 2006 called Returning with Honor. His statement echoes with many other missionaries who […]

Even Missionaries who “Finish” Do Not Always Feel Successful

by Kristen and James Reber Originally published December 13, 2013 on earlyhomecoming.com. For a long time, even up to a year after I came home from my mission early, I thought that missionaries that had been able to finish their expected amount of time had no problems–that they were able to easily put their missions […]

I Didn’t Love My Mission. What Does that Say about Me?

Originally published December 28, 2013 on earlyhomecoming.com. When I came home early from my mission I went through a period of adjustment that perhaps wasn’t too far off of what most returned missionaries go through. I went through a cycle of feelings that ranged from sad to relieved to depressed to happy to guilty. It […]

For Early-Returned Missionaries: Stay Home or Go Back Out?

Originally published March 16, 2014 on earlyhomecoming.com. When a missionary comes home early, the decision to stay home or to go back out becomes paramount. For some, the decision will be clear-cut: they will immediately know which path is right. For others, the decision will be rather difficult. And still for others they may know […]

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