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Kristen Reber is the author of Early Homecoming: A Resource for Early-Returned Missionaries, Their Church Leaders, and Family. She is also a devoted Latter-day Saint, wife, mother, and friend. You can often find Kristen reading, writing, playing her harp, or traveling with her family.

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When a mission doesn’t last as long as expected, it can be difficult to adjust to the change in plans. But every mission matters to our Heavenly Father. Based on personal experiences and scholarly research, this book helps loved ones, leaders, and returning missionaries navigate through the mixed emotions of an early release for any reason and press forward with faith.

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  • I've had the opportunity to interact with Kristen in multiple settings, starting when she was a student in one of my editing classes at BYU and, most recently, in the LDS Publishing and Media Association. I'm continually impressed by her maturity, thoughtfulness, great ideas for improvement, professionalism, and organizational skills. As an author, her uplifting messages can bring light to many people.

    Suzy Bills coauthor of Visions of Heaven and President of LDSPMA
  • Kristen Reber can be trusted—what else do you need to know? She’s a credible source for missionaries who return early—and for those who love and want to support them.

    Barry Rellaford Coauthor of A Slice of Trust and Founder of “The Strength of 10.
  • I have worked closely with Kristen for many months on several publishing, marketing, and administrative projects.  She has routinely done all that was needed with high quality, great timeliness, and a wonderful attitude. She has a gift for setting up systems and accomplishing tasks in the most clear and useful way possible.  And she consistently takes initiative and makes it easy to work with her.

    Steve Piersanti President, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

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